Second Time Around

Made it to the school’s page the second time around.






Frankie’s 8th Birthday

Frankie has been bugging us to invite his friends and have his party to Chuck E Cheese. I told him that he can invite a few of his close friends and have a little get together there but not all his classmates. He was fine with it and was so happy to have a few of his friends.

 photo birthday1_zps8fyidgfs.jpg

 photo birthday2_zps0fzxlyxi.jpg


I didn’t want to have another party for him, but Ryan insisted that we need to invite our Filipino friends. Since we did not celebrate his 7th birthday last year because of our sewer issues, I agreed to giving him two parties this year.

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 photo IMG_3540_zpse3mqcfaj.jpg

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Frankie’s First Communion

Frankie has been preparing for his first communion for almost a year. He has been practicing a song and he was so nervous when he was told that he will read the second reading. We invited my friends and his grandparents to join us in church and for the reception. My mom and I were supposed to cook dinner at my house but it was too much for us to prepare since the week before was just Frankie’s birthday party. I didn’t want to go through the hassle of cooking and preparing, so I decided dining out somewhere.

 photo IMG_3623_zpsmaukbtkv.jpg
The beautiful St. Liborious Altar

 photo communion2_zpstfesojbw.jpg

Frankie reading the second reading

 photo communion3_zpsxnj4ox5f.jpg

 photo IMG_3637_zpsrvd30boq.jpg
 photo IMG_3657_zpsyc25ornx.jpg

With Lolo and Lola

 photo communion4_zpspe8mfyfh.jpg


Student Recognition 2015

Every year, the student recognition banquet honor students and different clubs in the campus. I was so excited and invited my friends and Ryan with me. The dinner was great. After the recognition ceremony, we decided to go into the photo booth. It was so much fun as you can see in the pictures. It is hard to deny that Ryan didn’t have fun!

 photo recognition2_zpstept4lc5.jpg

 photo recognition3_zpsytioyrvb.jpg

 photo recognition1_zpsz26naaiy.jpg


Outstanding Student 2014-2015

Every time I get an award from school, I usually give it to my mom. I know I wouldn’t be where I am today if not because of her help. I made an arrangement with in-laws to watch the two boys, so mama could come with us. My mother-in-law wanted mama to come too. Frankie and Branden were all so excited to spend the afternoon with their Lolo and Lola. They brought their kites, so they could fly it in the backyard. I couldn’t describe mama’s reaction when we were in the awarding ceremony. Mama was beaming with pride. She was so happy and so excited for me. She is part of all my accomplishments and I will always remember and cherish her for all the help she did and for always being there for me.

 photo OS4_zpspllldjpn.jpg

With my beautiful mother

 photo OS3_zps6tb8rdno.jpg

My friend and my mama

 photo OS2_zps7qdnokbd.jpg

 photo OS1_zps6a1tsnnt.jpg Knocked down after leaving Lolo and Lola’s house.



For five years now, my family and my friend’s families gather together to celebrate Easter. One of my friend’s husband also takes a yearly spring pictures of the kids. The kids enjoy this yearly get together we have. We all bring food to share and the moms pitch in for the candies and we gather it all together for the kids and they get to do the egg hunt after our late lunch. It was nice to watch the kids play together and the moms unwind. I love Easter!
This time around, my friends and I decided to take the kids to different places for the egg hunt. We usually just stay at one of our friends house but we wanted something different this year. We went to a egg hunt in Olympia Fields, Culver’s, and St. Liborius Church.

 photo egghunt2_zpskruotgut.jpg
Flashlight Egg Hunt

 photo egghunt5_zpsrwd3otzn.jpg
Branden showing off his basket at St. Liborius Grounds

 photo egghunt1_zps0rqlmlcw.jpg
 photo egghunt3_zpshyie4rxw.jpg
My boys after opening their eggs. Taken at my friend’s house.

 photo egghunt4_zpstp94zpdu.jpg
My Frankie looking all grown-up.

Photos courtesy of Tito Roger


Good Friday

Aside from the many yearly traditions I have with my friends, we usually take a time off on Good Friday to visit the Shrine in Indiana. We prayed the rosary as we go through each station of the cross. Below are the pictures of us for Good Friday 2015.

 photo holyweek2_zps5gjqn06h.jpg

 photo holyweek_zpswae3kvw8.jpg
 photo holyweek1_zpsr8cq9h0h.jpg


MTCA Yearly Fundraising Event

 photo fundraising_zpsp1wmav7d.jpgIt has been a long time since I have posted something here. I had some paid posts that I let expire. It has been so crazy in my end. School has been so demanding but I am not complaining because I am almost there. I just want to catch up with my entries here so my family in the Philippines knows what is going on with us here especially the kids. This week is our final week. There is no final for my two other classes because of the presentation, so I just have to worry for the other three classes.

A lot has happened the past few months. My friends and I went again for the annual MTCA fundraising event. The theme this year was “Hollywood Movie Night.” The school did a wonderful job in decorating the gym. Most of all, I had a wonderful time with my friends who go to the fundraising event together without our husbands. The school successfully raised a substantial amount of money. Here is a picture of two of my favorite ladies.


Boot Cut Jeans

PAKMAAEMKIAJIMKOLooking for the perfect jeans had always been my issue. I am 5’5” tall and the jeans I get are either too long or too short. I am not one of those people who are very talented at hemming their pants, so I usually end up folding it or stepping on it until it rips. I have quite a few jeans that lasted me more than 5 years because I buy several pair if I like the style and the cut. Most of my pants are boot cut styles. I was looking for some online because our local store ran out of my size and I came across womens Boot Cut Jeans at Eli’s Western Wear. Their selection were great and they not only carry Boot Cut pants but they also have slim fit jeans, skinny jeans, relaxed fit jeans, low rise relaxed fit and more. I may have to order my next pair online to avoid the hassle of going from one store to another.