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P.S. I Love You and Frontier(s)

I wrote about this Frontier(s) with SS about a month ago and I finally rented the DVD through Netlix. It has been in our house for almost 2 weeks but I haven’t watch it. I didn’t want to watch it myself and I have been waiting for Ryan but he is quiet busy. We also […]

Nothing To Do

My sister was so exhausted from her review and was playing in the computer to relax. She said she needed to start all over again for the formulas. I have always hated all those formulas in college and I admire her for always been good with math. She was invisible but I knew she was […]

National Treasure: Book of Secrets

As most of you know I love history. So if there is a movie that is about history, adventures and digging about the past then I am sold. I have seen all the Indiana Jones movies and movies about Egypt and King Tut and many more. One movie that I am anticipating is the recently […]

Russian Brides

I never thought that my life will change for the better when I corresponded to a man about 9 years ago. Finding for a lifetime partner is not a game. It involves commitment, love, dedication, determination and that is why I can truly understand why some men would go for Russian Brides. Russian women are […]

Rain Go Away

It was supposed to rain today and I am glad it didn’t. I was thinking of not coming over after one of our friend said she won’t be able to make it but I decided to come anyway and I am glad I did because it didn’t rain and Annabelle came too. We have to […]


I decided to take a break today and went for a drive and find myself here in Rosit’s house again. We had a cook-out and Allona and Annabelle are also here with their kids. Frankie truly burned me out because he was running all over the place and when I tell him to stop, the […]