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A happy team is vital to the success of a company. If the morale is high among the team members it will show in their output and of the productivity of the entire company. Management is one of the instruments that can make this happen and with proper management and leadership training it can make […]

Loving The Oreo

If you will be so happy too if your mama gave you an Oreo. Yucky as his Dada calls it but that is Frankie after eating an Oreo. He first had one when we went to Nathaniel’s open house. I gave him one and I thought he was just going to eat it right away […]

When I moved here from the Philippines I lost all of my friends and my best friends. Yes we still kept in contact but it is different when I can just talk and go out with them anytime. I honestly was a little worried living in a new place not knowing anybody. Ryan on the […]

Immigration For Mama

I asked Ryan on when are we going to petition mama. His answer was as soon as Papa gets here. I looked at him and told him it won’t be possible until Ging-ging graduates college. He then said he wished that we petitioned them both all together because it could have been a lot easier. […]

Doing It Again

Do you remember when I posted early this year Ryan’s weight loss journey and that he actually lost 30 lbs. ? Well if you are a constant reader of my blog then you know what I am talking about. You see when Ryan stopped doing mystery shopping those were the times when he was losing […]

Spice Up Your Dining Room With Dining Buffet Cabinets

Whenever I get invited for a party or a get together, one part of a house that I always love checking out is the dining room. I always like seeing how the owner put everything together from the dining tables and chairs, the cabinets and even the utensils. How I wish our dining room is […]


I have posted photos of Frankie here trying to imitate me doing some cleaning. Ryan and I have bought him some outside toys such as rake and shovels but every time he sees the real thing he leaves his toys behind and get the real one. He also knows exactly where they are. Whenever we […]