Archive for June 25th, 2008

Jump… Jump… Jump…

Frankie was so funny last night. He was trying to show off to Dada his newly learned skill of jumping. Whenever Ryan says jump… jump… jump.. he jumped then fall then get up and jump again. He was doing this over and over again and he was enjoying every time he falls. He also like […]


Do you like football or baseball so much that you think you have so much to say or to share about it? Then why don’t you join the forum at and share your thoughts and bounce back opinions with people who have the same interest as you. You will also find baseball picks, free […]

Are You Healthy?

You Are 32% Healthy You’re on your way to having a healthy diet, but you have a ways to go. Everything is okay in moderation. But you don’t quite have moderation figured out yet. How Healthy Is Your Diet? Do you look at the mirror and see yourself like you are pregnant again? I can’t […]