Archive for June 29th, 2008

Perfect Companion

I can’t thank Gerber enough for coming up with these goodies. In the beginning I was giving him one and two then he started becoming restless. Ryan said to just give him the container so I did. He was having fun opening it and he actually managed. Just look at the smile on his face […]


If you think women’s lingerie is only limited in department stores then you are wrong. You can now buy women’s lingerie online too. In fact even carries a wide selection of beautiful and sexy lingerie that you don’t find in department stores and if your order is over $75.00, shipping is on them. Isn’t […]

My Favorite Photos

These pictures are taken in one of the many stops we have going south and also one of my favorite. They just look cute together. Ryan and I wants to make sure that we are stopping while he is up so that he won’t be cranky while in the car and at the same time […]

Find Your Favorite Modern Furniture

If you got married as early and young as us, you are probably also using handed down furniture from family members and friends. We needed to start somewhere you know although it could have been nice to have some modern furniture in the house but priorities needed to be set first. We are not too […]

The Drive

One of the things I hate when we go on vacation is the long drive. Ryan and I both hate taking the plane when we go places so we always drive. We figure we already take a plane when we go to the Philippines and we just hate it. We like driving at least we […]