Archive for January 20th, 2009

Trying To Scare Taytay

Frankie is getting very silly everyday and he always amuse us. This is Frankie below standing by the gate and Papa following him around because he was afraid that Frankie will bump his head. He was trying to scare his Taytay and he started in the living room walking like a drunk kid swaying back […]

Spamming Tagboards

I truly understand the need to increase the PR. The more PR you got for your blog the more opportunities you will have. I have been there and done that but I waited to be blessed with a PR. I didn’t go to the extreme of “spamming” other bloggers tag board just to build links […]

Give The Gift of Cryo-Cell

Ryan and I are going to have a 2009 nephew or niece. My sister in law and my brother still need to wait a little bit longer before they can go and learn about the gender of the baby. Everyone else is very excited and they said this will be it for them. I talked […]