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What to Wear? / MBA

The month of March and April is full of social gatherings that will require me to dress up. I have only gotten two clothes for the occasion so far, but I may have to return the other one because it is dry clean only. March 21 – MTCA Gala – a fundraising event at Frankie’s […]

Outstanding Student

What an honor to be selected by the College of Business as one of its Outstanding Students for the 2014-15 academic year! What an honor it is to be invited by the Chancellor of the University to honor Outstanding Students. I am so excited because Ryan, my mama, and one of my close friends will […]

Uniform Inspection/Caroling

We had our second to the last pack meeting of the year last night, and the kids had a uniform inspection. Frankie was so super excited for last night’s meeting because he wanted to make sure that he is wearing the correct outfit. He gathered everything he needed before I allowed him to play minecraft. […]

Halloween Tradition

I am one of those many who is super excited whenever Halloween is approaching. For the past year, my family along with a few of my friends has created a tradition of our own. Saturday before Halloween, we always go to my friend’s house that lives in Crete. We usually have lunch and get the kids […]

Wild West Town

Ryan and I have heard about Wild West Town from my mother-in-law. It is not very far from the train museum, so we all decided to swing by. It was a little pricey for each child, but good thing Branden was still free. Ryan was able to print a coupon for mama, so she was […]

Lolo’s 64th Birthday

My in-law’s birthdays are in our calendar, and Frankie  checks it all the time. He was looking forward to my father-in-law’s birthday last Saturday. We didn’t want to interfere on his birthday, but I called and asked if we could come on Friday night instead. Ryan and I met at Dad’s house because he had […]

Mama’s 63rd Birthday at Deep River Park

I promised myself that every time it is my mom’s birthday I will surprise her in any way I can. Last August was my mama’s 63rd birthday, and I just have the most perfect get together I have in mind for her. Unfortunately, one of my friends accidentally told her about it, and she asked […]

Unexpected Scholarship

School has started and I haven’t even finished uploading the summer pictures. This summer was the best summer I ever had. We went to so many places which I have yet to write about it. School is ok so far. It was rough the first day of school because I do not get out late […]

Summer Outing III – Illinois Railway Museum

Aside from the Lego bricks that Frankie likes putting together, he also enjoys playing with his train sets. On his first birthday, his late grandpa Neis from Georgia sent him his very own train set. We do not know how old it is because he said he had it for such a long time, but […]

Summer Outing II – Deep River Waterpark

Ryan, Frankie, and I went to Deep River Water park in Indiana after having our teeth cleaned last year. The 3 of us got in for free because someone we love deadly gave us the tickets. It was the first time we have been there and we did not realize how many activities they have […]