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Special Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day this year was extra ordinary. Ryan and I exchanged cards and chocolates and dined out. We didn’t do much because we are so busy with school. Besides, it was enough for me to spend a weekend out with Dada. This year I wanted every occasion to be memorable for the kids. I asked […]

100 Days

Frankie was so excited handing to me a sheet from his teacher telling us parents about their upcoming 100 days. Normally in the past, they usually bring 100 different items that they can count or something that they can eat. This time, it was different. They are to dress up like 100 year old people. […]

Staying Home vs. Working

I have tried both and they both have their positives and negatives. I think it depends on the circumstances too. When I got pregnant with Frankie, Ryan and I thought that it was better for me to stay home. Besides, I do not want to work and have to pay for childcare for just random […]

Living with my Mom

Even if I already have my own family, I still have this strong desire to be with my parents. If I could only put them in one place, I would love to do that. I guess I want them to be there every step of my life and to the life of my children. It […]

Late Birthday Update

I celebrated my birthday with the family yesterday. We went to church early, and I asked Ryan to take me home instead of going places. We have been eating out during the holiday weekend, and I want to eat the food we have in the refrigerator that I already prepared long time ago that is […]

House Closing

Finally… finally… finally. We just got the confirmation on the date and time of the closing of the house. We have the signing scheduled yesterday, and since it was extremely cold yesterday, they moved the date for Friday. Ryan wanted it tomorrow, but since their office was close today (Tuesday), we had to wait another […]

Lego Artist

A month ago, my mother-in-law’s son gave Frankie a box full of Legos. I told him that he can do whatever creation he can imagine. He has made so many Lego creations before, but he has a guide that he follows but this time he made it out of his imagination. He asked me if […]

Frankie’s Activities: Scouts, Karate, Soccer, Guardians, and Basketball

It has only been less than a month when school started for Frankie, but I am already exhausted for him. This boy is so full of energy, love, and life and we just want to provide him with everything we could.  I know that I am going to be busy with a full school load, […]

Lolo Ron’s Birthday

If there is one thing that I am most thankful for, it is how close my kids are to their Lolo and Lola. I grew up in an environment where everyone are close. It has become our tradition back home that when one of our grandparents was going to have his/her birthday, my siblings and […]

Straight A for Both of Us

I am on my two weeks vacation right now from work and school. I want to enjoy this remaining week I have to enjoy the people that I love the most. We have been out, dining out, to the library, to the park, shopping, and a lot more. All three of us are all set […]